what is architectural thinking


Normal thinking becomes architectural thinking when two criteria are met:

  1. Architectural thinking is thinking with a purpose. Thinking how to best articulate a complex issue, solve a problem, make a difficult decision, tell an intricate story; these are all examples of thinking with a purpose
  2. Architectural thinking occurs at least across 3 different dimensions. For example thinking architecturally about a new building should probably consider at least the dimensions of space, time and people (the architect that doesn’t think about the people using the building is unlikely to succeed).
    Business needs, cost, technology and users are some important dimensions (there are also others) for developing IT systems. What-Why-Who-When, Current-Target-Gap are other useful generic dimension. If you can’t find a third relevant dimension (e.g. you should only worry about cost and comfort when you buy a pair of shoes!), there is no need for architectural thinking.
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1 Response to what is architectural thinking

  1. Sakou Nkrumah says:

    I agree thinking with a purpose is not encouraged generally, hence you have so many people with knowledge they cant apply. Until a purpose is determined the body of knowledge is dead to the person and the only use it has is to pass an examination…and cannot be applied

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