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passionate, energetic and pragmatic (in that order!), always keen to learn, engage with people, and tackle new challenges. Having started my career as a software engineer, in more recent roles I have been accountable for professionalising and measurably improving the value delivered by the architecture practice of large global organisations. Throughout my career I have built a strong professional network, and I am highly regarded by those I worked with. I have strong interpersonal and communication skills and have spoken at a number of international conferences. I was born in Sicily, and studied Computer Science at the University of Pisa. I moved to London in 1995, where I now live with my wonderful family. I volunteer in my local community. Specialties: - Establish/transform EA practice - Responsible and ethical AI - Enterprise Architecture Methodology - TOGAF

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what is architectural thinking

Normal thinking becomes architectural thinking when two criteria are met: Architectural thinking is thinking with a purpose. Thinking how to best articulate a complex issue, solve a problem, make a difficult decision, tell an intricate story; these are all examples … Continue reading

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Minimum Enterprise Requirements

Believe it or not, many people in IT and business are still struggling with the concept of Enterprise Architecture, and the actual value it provides to the organisation. The theory is clear, less so how it translates into real value … Continue reading

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Architecting Capability and Architectural Significance

Building and maintaining a mature architecting capability is not cheap, especially in large global organisations.¬†Typically, with a program/project portfolio in the hundreds, it is impossible to assign good architects to cover the entire portfolio. Even merely trying to achieve an … Continue reading

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Fit for Purpose Architecture

I struggled to find a satisfactory definition of fit for purpose architecture. Here is the best I could come up with. Please suggest any improvement you can offer, and add links to other definitions that you found helpful. A solution/application/system/service … Continue reading

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Not deliverables, but architecture consumables

Let’s face it: IT architects produce a lot of what I would call “architectural waste”. Too often, the focus is on architecture deliverables. We deliver them, and then we start working on the next deliverable. Unfortunately, architecture deliverables that remain … Continue reading

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I think of IT Architecture Capability as the combination of people (their competencies and skills, regardless of their team names or job titles), methods, information and supporting tools that allows an organization to consistently produce IT products with a fit-for-purpose … Continue reading

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