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what is architectural thinking

Normal thinking becomes architectural thinking when two criteria are met: Architectural thinking is thinking with a purpose. Thinking how to best articulate a complex issue, solve a problem, make a difficult decision, tell an intricate story; these are all examples … Continue reading

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Architecting Capability and Architectural Significance

Building and maintaining a mature architecting capability is not cheap, especially in large global organisations.┬áTypically, with a program/project portfolio in the hundreds, it is impossible to assign good architects to cover the entire portfolio. Even merely trying to achieve an … Continue reading

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Fit for Purpose Architecture

I struggled to find a satisfactory definition of fit for purpose architecture. Here is the best I could come up with. Please suggest any improvement you can offer, and add links to other definitions that you found helpful. A solution/application/system/service … Continue reading

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Not deliverables, but architecture consumables

Let’s face it: IT architects produce a lot of what I would call “architectural waste”. Too often, the focus is on architecture deliverables. We deliver them, and then we start working on the next deliverable. Unfortunately, architecture deliverables that remain … Continue reading

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